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Jakarta Art Building – Home Of The Nusantara Artists

History is a story of past nicks cannot be separated by time. Many of the remaining memories and recorded up to now. The building is one of the legacies of the nation's shopping trip to witness the Nusantara artists.

Never enough with the word ' complacent ' circled the city of Jakarta which has now been incarnated as a metropolitan city. The grandeur and classical, two variants to accompany the attractiveness of the city the seat of Government of the Republic of Indonesia. In addition to building the towering skyscrapers, you still can enjoy the first tempo architecture would have invited the beat of AWE.

One Stads-Schouwburg (Theatre-City), or which is now commonly known as Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ). Governor General Daendels was the Netherlands at that time, the man who gave rise to the idea of dibangunya Stads-Schouwburg. It was only in 1814 it was realized by the Governor General in the United Kingdom, Thomas Stamford Raffles. Its presence in Central Jakarta, the White House built in the style of the empire by the architect the officers Kind of VOC, major Schultze in 1821 is still standing.

The building feels condensed by a touch of European arstitektur. The pillars of the buttresses give the impression of luxury and value high art masterpieces.

Originally the first when it was a bamboo-walled building, seonggok the United Kingdom colonial authorities started showing art performances and also the reading of the poem by the artist sekelompik. Then the Government also participated took part by allocating Spinhuis ' "ruins (formerly women's prison in the city) so that at the end of this magnificent building stands upright, thus was born the new theatrical community formed by carrying the motto Ut desint vires tamen est laundanda volunas (though not how helpless, but the spirit remains to be appreciated.

The inauguration of the building marked by performances of Shakespeare's classic play, Othello. Coincide in 1835, a group of French artists "captured" the hearts of the audiences in Batavia (Jakarta). Since then, artists were not very successful again in Paris was invited to play at the Stads-Schouwburg.

GKJ is also known as the Playhouse. Why? Because any kind of art performances shown in this White House, among others, there's drama, comedy, opera, and puppet shows. Large foyer building with flat roof pillars in front of this building, it served as a place that can meet the standards of the international art scene. Various event diselengarakan to support its existence in the form of the festival.

Two of the most monumental event is the Art Summit Indonesia. These three annual events have been held since 1995 and Jakarta International Festival of the Performing Art that was held since 1990. The second festival is taken as a form of awareness, the public art performances GKJ Jakarta as well as art and culture dialoq arena between the artistically and intellectually.

History recorded, during the pendudukkan army of Dai Nipon, this building was used as the headquarters of the army. Whereas at the time of independence untun Lecture Hall functioned as a student of the Faculty of Economics and law, University of Indonesia circa 50s. And this also digedung on August 29, 1945, the first President of INDONESIA Sukarno, Sukarno established the National Committee for Indonesia (KNIP). And, after the promulgation of the DECREE of the Governor of Jakarta's KDKI No. 24/1984, then this ancient building was refurbished and restored to its original function as art performances and set its name to Jakarta art Building (GKJ).

Jakarta should be grateful to this legacy. GKJ until such time as this is still an option to hold arts events. Its capacity is not very bear gorgeous architecture, but makes everyone who has ever been even featured in this building have pride.

Early 2010 had a small fire occurred at GKJ, but luckily no big damage occurred, as the citizens of Jakarta in particular, it is of course we keep and preserve this heritage. In order to be sons and daughters of the next generation would later. (ES)

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