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Old town – the face of Jakarta in the past

Hear the name Jakarta, identical to the towering building and no doubt. As an icon, the capital city of Jakarta has been developed into a large city that offers a haven of the world. Not just a mall or shopping center, Jakarta also keeps the charm of the old town buildings.

Saturday mornings were so bright. Take me to rush down the old cities in the capital of this beloved. Historical heritage site in the Netherlands, the golden age was still standing in the city of Jakarta.

Unfortunately many of the old buildings still stand here, it doesn't work and damaged eaten times. Teronggok granted. Whereas these buildings is the former City witness history known as Batavia. However, despite this still does not reduce people's interest for a visit to the old town.

Emerita (23) for example. Sorority, the make-up Department at one University Jakarta deliberately came all the way from Bogor to the task his studies. Together with some friends, Emerita make photo session accentuates the makeup of their works. "I deliberately chose the old city, because every corner can be used for supporting photo object. In addition to this free and unique, "says Emerita to inijakarta.com

Enter the area of the old city, you will feel the atmosphere of a colonial era kentalnya the Netherlands for 350 years colonize Indonesia. The road that is well presentable from conblok, clean and rich in historical value. One of the buildings that are still standing are the Jakarta Museum of history or much known as Museum Fatahillah.

A longtime Museum Fatahillah is a town hall in the Netherlands dictionary called Staadhuis. The building was first built in 1707 by Petronella Wilhelmina van Horn is the daughter of the Governor of the Indian Jendaral took 3 years to complete. As Staadhuis, the building was once used as an Office, a courtroom, and prisons (underground).

If you go into a Museum Fatahillah, can you meet the VOC era currency, household furnishings such as furniture from the 19th-century, the ancient flags of merian Fatahillah, Raden Saleh, as well as painting a portrait of the Governor General of the DUTCH Netherlands time reigning era here. Behind the museum there are five concrete-walled prison unit, iron bars, iron ball equipped 100 kg of volleyball to tie the legs of the prisoners. Talk about the Dungeon, this arguably belongs in prison the most sadistic in his era.

The Museum was established in 1974 by Governor Ali Sadikin, the fatahillah museum of the Court now would have undergone a change from the previous period is usually always crowded on holidays such as Saturday week. With an area of 13,000 square meters of visible activities appear here, such as the surrounding old city by bike guard, food hawkers, younger couples that are kasmaran as well as lovers of photography is to capture the old city via the camera. It appears they really enjoy the atmosphere of the old town that always keeps people coming back to visit him. ES

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